What happens when you’re being stupid. I burned my neck (don’t ask) and the next day I ripped away the scab.  I couldn’t find the rubbing alcohol so I used the hydrogen peroxide.  Stupid move.  Now the small burn mark has become a major infection. The swelling from the puss underneath is as big as […]

Posted by on December 6, 2007

Motorola Q and Sprint

So, okay, Sprint is a bit out dated.  I really get annoyed at times with them.  Here is a new wrinkle.  Let me start with I use to be a loyal Sprint customer for about 6 years.  Then they started, and I’m not the only person who had/has experienced this, having billing issues.  Double billing, […]

Merrily we go along …

Let’s see, where have I been traveling to as of late? I’ve been to L.A. several times, D.C., Chicago, Elgin, Pittsburgh, Wilmington, Burbank, and getting ready to head back to L.A. between this Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.  I’ll be in L.A. about a week.  The reason I don’t know the time I’m leaving yet is due […]

Help with: sys.server_role_members

Here is an interesting problem and it seems I’ve been queried on several times in the past month so let’s see if I can’t give you a quick fix or “answer” as it were here today.  The question has been:  “I created a userid that has db_datareader membership in master so that I can view […]


Hello Readers – Sorry it has been awhile. With the new job I have done a lot of traveling. Oddly I have been with this company for almost 3 months now and have only been in the office for now (as of today) 10 actual days. The rest of the time I have spent on […]


I can hear her now, from miles away.  Oddly it has a twang in it but she’s sitting at her desk reading the email reply I just sent to her and I can hear as if I’m sitting next to her “Oh no you di’n’t!!!” Ah, the joys of my life.  An ex-wife that has […]

Posted by on October 12, 2007

See when I leave for Chicago

Click here to find out! Looking for a better HTML that I can just insert here or on Myspace. This will do for now though. =)

Posted by on October 10, 2007

This was fun!

Spent this week in Washington D.C. seeing my new company’s product in action going through a live upgrade for a client. It was great to be in D.C., at the client, with the guys, and learning ins and outs not just about the products but the company I now work for as well! Oh, I […]

Posted by on October 5, 2007

So you want to know do you?

So, everyone wants to know about the new job.  What can I tell you?  I’m really liking it so far.  I’m looking forward to all the travel.  Was funny today as the guys and I were talking about places to eat, go, hotels, airlines, cities, and various other related travel thoughts.  Was nice to hear […]


Can you say OUCH! I stopped by my blog this morning to grab a copy of a script I have here that I need to run on the network I’m on at the moment.  I felt the need to comment real quick on this company … what the hell man?!?!?  Guess I should have researched […]

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