Mmm … Apple Crisp

I need to go search for more of my old hard drives.  I think I have gathered most of my recipes to start posting.  This one has me going to the store to get rolled oats.  src=””> Let’s start with preheating the oven to 350 degrees, k.  Why you ask?  Well, whilst you are preparing […]

Spinach, Chicken, and Wild Rice Soup

Okay, so I promised I would start posting some recipes that I have created, written down, or used in the past.  Some of you have been my “guinea pigs”, thankfully none reading this have been “victims” of my cooking.  Well, at least to my knowledge, if you felt like a “victim” please let me know!  […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Little did he know when invited to dinner that HE was dinner!    Tagged: thanksgiving   

Martini Park, Plano TX – CLOSED

Bah!  Figures.  It was an okay kind of place.  Never really was much for Martini Park at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  For some odd reason I have no problem driving to uptown but anytime people want me to drive just a few miles north “It’s to much of a hassle.”  My very own […]

Welcome, New Look

For those of you that come here often you’ll notice a new look. True, I am a bit lazy with the blog in the fact I haven’t created my own layout.  Just prefer to use the templates still.  not like I’m doing anything for money with the blog so ’tis fine. The change came about as I […]

Quantum Mechanics

Here is the next installment of my thoughts on String Theory from the original post you can find here.Through Quantum Mechanics it was found that there are two categories that particles fall into; bosons and fermions.What are bosons you may ask?  Glad you did!  They are particles that transmit forces.  Bosons, most, can occupy the […]

String Theory, the Start of My Journey

So what happens when you decide to look up your old website content from ages long since past?  You find interesting tidbits for sure!So here we go!  The start of my journey looking into String Theory:What is string theory and why do you care?Well lets look at that.  Lets just look at the basics of […]

Please Vote!

Regardless of where you stand on the issues I implore you to please vote November 4th. hehe…Otherwise, shut up and don’t complain!!    Tagged: biden, congess, democrat, McCain, Obama, palin, president, republican, vote   

Posted by on November 3, 2008

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