Please Support Noah

Many of you know I try to support children’s causes in the Dallas area and abroad. This time I have a request that is close to home for me. Please keep in your thoughts, your prayers, and if you can – please – help my friend Jorge, his wife Sara, and most especially Noah in […]

Judas Asparagus

Have you ever wondered how often we take for granted that children “understand” what we are teaching; how do you know? Let’s begin with a little lesson below…(May this bring a smile to your face and a good laugh too)—-A child was asked to write a book report on the entire Bible. Here is what was […]

The Hobbit a fan’s thoughts

Glenn Kenny points out “Point is, 48 fps, and particularly 48 fps in 3-D, is reputed to deliver an image of such stellar clarity that the viewer is apt to feel as if he or she can step into the action.” ( … and is spot on with that assessment might I add.The downfall is […]

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