So I received the challenge in an email.This “challenge” is really deceiving.  I did a couple of the “face offs” on items I KNEW are well indexed using site constraints […]

What happens when someone get’s a bee up their bonnet and goes after one of the largest Domain & Hosting companies?You guessed it; a fairly successful hack.http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/11/anonymous-daddy-issues-godaddy-restored-after-cyber-attack/So successful in fact […]

So interesting note … There once was a client with windows update issues, that for all to attempt and to see it would appear that WSUS was broken, but upon […]

So, if I like it or not, it took me a bit in finding this option.  Was a bit of a pain and was getting ready to start messing with […]

Today I have received an interesting question.  Coming from an Exchange background I thought it might be a Lotus specific item and of course stated I had no answer to […]

Okay, so I have an account on the Hotmail/Live service and today, without explination or warning, a change has occured that is a bit unsettling.  Most especially in the wake […]

Let’s start by heating up the oven:425-450 degrees What you’ll need next:2 cups flour1 tablespoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons sugar1/4 cup butter 3/4 cup milk Let’s get it all […]

This is a simple way to remove all hyperlinks from a Word/Excel document: Select all text (hint: Ctrl+A)Once all text is selected press Ctrl+Shift+F9 VIOLA!  All hyperlinks are removed from […]

So I have been seeing a rash of people using WhoLockedMe on Windows based devices lately.  Let’s not ask the why at this point. Don’t get me wrong, if you […]