Forgot Excel Password

This post is attributed to: and to the original submitter by brettdj of VBA Samples Microsoft Excel Crack Sheet Protection Password This routine provides a password to unprotect your worksheet.  However, it may not give you the original password that was used. Open the workbook that have the protected sheet in it that […]

Common Sense

It has been said that the only thing we can agree on about common sense is that it is commonly lacking. This weekend the Federal Government went a step further to prove that statement by the Forestry Service here. Times like this you have to wonder if there is any hope for humanity. For some […]

Robin Williams Passing

Dear Mr Robin Williams, You will be sorely missed. In a world that needs more laughter to unite us, in a world that needs to learn how to make fun of themselves once again, it is a sad loss to see you go.  Especially in such a sad way. May your soul have found peace. […]

The Old Man and the Sea

Let’s start with an little of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” before we go into the drink.  As some of you might remember it started as a story of an unlucky old Cuban fisherman’s life until he finally catches and eventually wins the battle with the marlin.  Then the defeat as the sharks eat away […]

Posted by on August 10, 2014

Global Warming

Flame ON! Review the article here – author updates from time to time. This article is a discussion piece – doesn’t matter which side of the debate you or I stand on.  Just a little Friday morning coffee discussion piece.

Posted by on August 8, 2014

It Burns…

And another long, long, … LONG day (oh how it burns) comes to an end. Only to see that the next one is a few hours around the bend.  

Incident in Congo Linking The World Many of you know I try to stay involved in children’s charities and other outreaches.  Past couple of years I’m not as active as I once was or want to be.  That said Linking the World and Mina Chang are an amazing outreach for you to get involved in today! Today’s need is urgent and […]

July 1

I wonder how they’ll check for compliance of this meekly enacted law? Does make one wonder … how would you check for banned lacey underwear without causing a stir?  

Erica Drives on US-75

Erica takes on the task of attempting to drive at highway speeds for her first time on US-75. Was a good day for prayer … 😉  

Posted by on June 30, 2014

Sprint – SM-T217S Upgrade part III

Last night Sprint Support back tracked once again here Well if that is the case I have two things to mention.   1.  Perhaps Sprint shouldn’t put an announcement out that they are going to be updating, be clear an concise with the when please.   2.  Sprint shouldn’t be giving away devices that cause […]

Posted by on May 10, 2014

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