Outlook Missing Email Accounts

So you opened Outlook after an update and Outlook missing email accounts. Your first reaction may have been “What?! Outlook desktop isn’t showing all my added email accounts!!” Maybe you went and checked to see that all your accounts were still configured in Outlook. Here, take a deep breath. Though this is a “puzzling” update […]

ChromaCam or Personify

When you have folks who are learning how to use ChromaCam they may accidentally delete an image they liked and want back. For the stock backgrounds, you will want to navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Personify\ChromaCam” In here is where the original images are kept. From another PC you can copy and paste the missing images […]

Mozzarella Chicken

Looking for something a little more but yet less for your “diet”? Like Chicken Parmasean but can’t have the calories for adding the moist yet crisp and tasty outer layer? Well, this is one recipe that you will, dare I say, like and lines up with a “Keto” diet as well! Print Recipe Mozzarella Chicken […]

Posted by on January 10, 2020

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