It has been a long time since I helped design a website. New site is going up today as a barebones site.  More to be added soon.  Please click on […]

See, this is just wonderful!  Where states and cities feel they need to “do something” to express their opinions about another state’s laws I have no idea.  Isn’t there something […]

Well I’ve now been on line several times today to check my Sharebuilder account.  I keep getting that they are going to be doing maintenance until 4am EST.  It’s not […]

No matter what our kids and the new generation think about us,  WE ARE AWESOME !!!! OUR LIFE IS LIVING PROOF !!!!       To Those of  Us  Born  1930 […]

McAfee has developed a SuperDAT remediation Tool to restore the svchost.exe file on affected systems.   Q:   What does the SuperDAT Remediation Tool Do? A:   The tool suppresses […]

This is a favorite of my kids.  From time to time I subsitute 8-12 oz of the Vermont White Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese with Pepper Jack cheese instead.  Makes a […]

Wow isn’t that embarrassing?  Have you ever thought you had done something, swore up and down that it was so, only to have others tell you it isn’t so? Sadly, […]

I’m really happy everyone is so giving to the Haitian people.  It is good to see celebrities, politicians, and the good ol’e regular civilians get out there and make sure […]