String Theory Continued – Black Hole Entropy

What is black hole entropy? Two important thermodynamic quantities are temperature and entropy. Temperature we all know from our fevers, weather reports and ovens. Entropy however is foreign to everyday life for most people. Suppose we have a box filled with gas of some type of molecule called M. The temperature of that gas in that […]

Posted by on February 8, 2012

String Theory History

A Brief “History” of String TheoryHere is a very brief “history” of the development of string theory.  These details are destined to fill many large volumes written by many people directly and indirectly involved in this research.Some believe that string theory helps to explain the “Shadow” people.Others, the existence of the one true “God” of […]

Posted by on December 2, 2008

Quantum Mechanics

Here is the next installment of my thoughts on String Theory from the original post you can find here.Through Quantum Mechanics it was found that there are two categories that particles fall into; bosons and fermions.What are bosons you may ask?  Glad you did!  They are particles that transmit forces.  Bosons, most, can occupy the […]

String Theory, the Start of My Journey

So what happens when you decide to look up your old website content from ages long since past?  You find interesting tidbits for sure!So here we go!  The start of my journey looking into String Theory:What is string theory and why do you care?Well lets look at that.  Lets just look at the basics of […]

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