ChromaCam or Personify

When you have folks who are learning how to use ChromaCam they may accidentally delete an image they liked and want back. For the stock backgrounds, you will want to navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Personify\ChromaCam” In here is where the original images are kept. From another PC you can copy and paste the missing images […]

Dell R710 display at 640×480

Have you had to reinstall an R710 with an older version of Microsoft Windows recently and find that your R710 display will only use the default Microsoft version? The R710 has the Matrox display integrated video and even the SUU will not detect it at first. NOTE Disclaimer: This is not an official Dell Supported […]

File Prefix rename

The Rename command is a great thing to remember when you have a directory full of files that you need to change the Prefix (first part of something) on. Rename is a very old and rarely used properly completed command. For example to remove a prefix note from note1.txt, note2.txt, note3.txt etc. in order to […]

Microsoft Surface and 3 Monitors

So I found that this was a common issue with those trying to connect a Microsoft Surface and 3 monitors. When we look at it on the surface (the question, no pun intended) it should be simple right, plug into the dock station with the two display ports and off you go. For some reason, […]

HP Workwise FIXED!

Probably one of the more frustrating things I’ve dealt with in a long time.  HP Workwise is a great tool and can even make one feel like a tool! I’ve found HP Workwise to be a fantastic tool!  I highly recommend it … except for when it’s “broken” and you can’t repair the issue. This […]

Contact names not showing in Hangouts

Contact names not showing in hangouts seems to be a pretty common problem for some.  What I find interesting is that most people report this problem with their phone.  If you are here looking to fix your phone let me suggest you look at this first: If you are here because you found your desktop […]

Junos or Juniper SSL-VPN Network Connect Error 23787

Junos is the VPN concentrator by Juniper. When you try to launch Network Connect inside Juniper SSL-VPN portal, you get an error: “cannot start the network connect service, please reinstall network connect,”. Sometimes uninstalling or reinstalling the Juniper Network Connect works, but typically the error comes back after restarting the computer. Solution: verify “Juniper […]

PCI DSS 9.4 Visitor Log

Tired of looking around for a template that fits PCI?  Visitor logs are simple yet so many hunt for the right way to format their log to comply with section 9.4 of PCI DSS. Not exactly sure why it’s so difficult but I did the search myself and found nothing close to what should be. […]

Posted by on April 9, 2015

Sprint – SM-T217S Upgrade part III

Last night Sprint Support back tracked once again here Well if that is the case I have two things to mention.   1.  Perhaps Sprint shouldn’t put an announcement out that they are going to be updating, be clear an concise with the when please.   2.  Sprint shouldn’t be giving away devices that cause […]

Posted by on May 10, 2014

DaaS and Microsoft

Have you been paying attention to the moves as of late.  OEMs are, large shops wanting an economical way to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are, and more specifically Cloud vendors are watching.  Time for you to wake up if you haven’t been watching. Microsoft’s latest brief on “outsourced” and VDI can be found here. […]

Posted by on March 12, 2014

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