As many of you know, the YouTube video below is my personal “theme song” from time to time.  Yup, I have my own live theme music I hum or whistle […]

Internet Explorer crashing?  Internet Explorer 7 & Internet Explorer 8 not opening?  Are you forced to close the Internet Explorer and it generates an error.Welcome to the latest Rant edition […]

I run into this issue to often.I always have to reach into the back of my brain and “drain” it, the solution, out, as it were.So here, let’s talk about a […]

So you can’t get that virus off, or that spyware is annoying you, or your PC is all “messed up” (personal favorite to hear from people).  Running virus scans and […]

For the intent of this post I am speaking about the standalone converter only.  For those running ESX and Virtual center there is a way to convert the image using […]

heh … As I said in my earlier post; I would find a way.   As it applies to WordPress “Free” blogs:Login to your WordPress DashboardGo to “Settings”Go to “Reading”Set “Syndication Feeds…” […]

Well, I am finding it a bit more difficult than originally planned to move from my old WordPress blog to this new blog.  This new blog is based on the […]

What are “Page Faults” you might ask.Well if you were to plug into Google(r) you would find many definitions.  All will fall along the same lines.“An interrupt that occurs when […]