My *ahem* favorite question *rolling eyes* being emailed or IM’ed to me right now has been “Hey, how can I get WSUS to push out this update??”I always suggest that […]

To create empty file with specific size follow the steps outlined below:1. Open a command prompt. To do that click Start>Run and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes).2. Go to drive […]

I swear, does anyone read release notes?It’s not like we haven’t known this day was coming for a very long time now. Microsoft has continually stated that they are not […]

Some readers tell me that they have had issues with the DST Update instructions I posted from Verizon earlier. Come to find out that they were not Verizon customers. lol […]

When I’m out with friends the inevitable discussions of our jobs come up. If there is someone there I hardly know it might be the first time they hear it […]

Okay, at my other blog I did a whole write up on the issues for Daylight Saving Time…and yes it is Saving NOT Savings…don’t get me started. So anyhow, just […]

Java 2 SDK error 1327.Invalid Drive You might see N:\ or U:\ or many other variations. Here is one of two things you need to do: Either you can go […]